Cryo Thermo Slimming Gold Gel

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Caffeine, orange and peppermint extracts are natural ingredients that help contour the body and tighten loose skin.

  • 999.9 Real Gold Particles
  • Cooling deep penetration
  • Improves skin elasticity and firmness

Size: 200ml

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Slimming and Contouring 

The Cryo Thermo Slimming Gold Gel contains natural active slimming ingredients such as caffeine, orange and peppermint extracts. They work together to drain excess fluid and break down stubborn cellulite, producing a body slimming and contouring effect. The cooling property similar to a fat freezing treatment, increases oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin, allowing for radiant skin. 


Tightening and Firming

Ideal for those who have loose skin from a significant weight loss or pregnancy, this Cryo Thermo Slimming Gold Gel contains firming properties to tighten loose skin and reduce the traces of stretch marks.


Apply once in the morning and evening.


Caffeine, Orange, Peppermint extracts.

2 reviews for Cryo Thermo Slimming Gold Gel

  1. huiminquah

    Repeated purchase as I was happy with the first purchase! Prompt delivery and good product.

  2. Kelynn

    I love this Cryo Thermo Gold Gel! It is not sticky and absorbs very well. So while my skin is absorbing, I do hand massage for a better circulation. After applied, about 2-3 mins I can start feeling a cooling sensation and I know it’s working already!

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