(GSS: $110 Spent) Jello Blueberry (sachet)



A refreshing snack enhanced with nutritional benefits for a healthier digestive and immune system.


1 sachet (15g)


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The Blueberry Jello contains 100% pure blueberry extract and 28 other fruits and vegetables ferment, combined using exclusive technology to allow synergistic interaction for easier absorption and transformation. This nutritional composition help to promote better digestive and immune systems and an overall better well-being.

Fruits and Vegetables Ferment

Other than being a source of probiotics to maintain a balanced gut health, the ferment provides multivitamins and detoxification effect..

Antioxidant Complex

Fruits have antioxidant properties that protect our bodies against disease and age-related health risks. Wild blueberries are known for their potent antioxidant capacity which comes from the high content of anthocyanin, a flavonoid responsible for the anti-oxidation effect. 



Consume one sachet a day. Suitable for person with difficult defecation, flatulence, bad breath and barrel waist



Blueberry Juice, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Fruit and vegetable ferment, Probiotics


Blogger Reviews

It’s my 2nd day trying out Expressions Jello Antioxidant Complex (Blueberry Flavor). 

Love the refreshing taste of the flavour and it is included in my current daily beauty routine. 

It comes in 7 sachets in a box. The collagen jelly is made of pure natural blueberry and 28 kinds of nutrition.

It stated that the natural antioxidants found in fruits and especially blueberries helps our bodies protect against disease and age-related health risks. 

And of course, you need to continuously consume it daily to achieve better results. Find out more about the products from their official social media platforms.

Thanks @expressionswellness for sharing the love.

— Blogger Hazel Lam



所以选用了 @expressionswellness 独家具有抗氧延缓老化和排毒合体功效的保健品—蓝莓果冻!

新鲜淡甜蓝莓口味好好吃就好像在吃零食一样,看来也可以解馋哦! 方便携带的确是旅行保健好帮手!

— Blogger Yuki Ng


My usual before heading out; jelly with benefits ????.

Totally good for people like me who are always on the go and looking to minimize my pore appearance.

Check out the details on their jellies at (www.expressions.com.sg) or @expressionswellness                     

— Blogger Maya Lee



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