Lavender Slimming Oil

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This specially formulated slimming oil has intensive detoxifying properties which targets excess fat and cellulite, stimulates lipolysis, contours the body and clears stretch marks. This oil also contains therapeutic properties that help reduce stress and relief headaches. 

Size: 100ml / 200ml

Earn 1280-1880 Points worth $2.56-$3.76!
Earn 1280-1880 Points worth $2.56-$3.76!

Detox and Slimming 

Lavender Slimming Oil is a formulation containing detoxifying and slimming properties to get rid of harmful substances in your body and aids in the removal of excess fat cells as well.


Relieves headaches

Lavender oil is known for its excellent remedy for headaches and migraines.


Reduces stress and improves sleep

Lavender lowers cortisol levels – the stress hormone that makes your body hold onto excess body fat cells. It suppresses hunger and reduces the impulse to stress-eat.

The calming and soothing scent of Lavender contains therapeutic properties that help in restoring the natural balance in our bodies. For a restful night of sleep, you can diffuse the lavender and put the diffuser by your bed. Alternatively, you can put a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow before going to sleep.


Lavender Slimming Oil


Lavender, Lemon, Orange, Grapeseed, Juniper, Vitamin E Oil.


Q: Can I use the Lavender Slimming Oil for massage/Gua Sha?

Yes, you can use it as a massage oil for massage or Gua Sha.

Q: Is the Lavender Slimming Oil warm when I apply it on my body?

Yes, but the temperature is not very high and it needs to be used with massage to produce heat energy for body usage.

Q: Is the Lavender Slimming Oil effective when I use with cling wrap or warm blanket?

Yes, it is effective but we recommend using the Lavender Slimming Oil together with massage for the body to fully absorb the content.

5 reviews for Lavender Slimming Oil

  1. kiyora

    Upon application, I feel a warm sensation around the areas (Fat arms, fat thighs, bulging stomach >_<) that I applied the Lavender Oil on. BURN FAT BURN!!! The lavender scent is also relaxing and refreshing especially after my night bath and allowing me to have a good restful sleep. The Detoxification part also worked well as reflected by my washroom trips became more frequent and detoxed well! 😛

  2. Serene Koh

    My skin is definitely smoother and softer after use, the heat sensation of the lavender slimming oil is also there while waiting to rinse off which means some slimming work is happening under my skin. hehe

  3. vivi

    My second purchase, ordered 2 bottles. I like the smell of the product.

  4. xundu

    The product is great as a massage oil, not greasy at all, feels a bit hot afterwards

  5. Pearly

    The Slimming oil is excellent for daily used during day and night, good for blood circulation, deep tissue massage, thermal blanket.

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