Rose Organic Oil

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Containing rosehip oil and Vitamin A, this organic oil is scientifically proven to reduce stretch marks, scars and wrinkles and prevent the advancement of wrinkles and ageing.

Size: 30ml

About Expressions’ Rose Whitening Set

Infused with the goodness of Rose essence, Expressions’ Rose Whitening Set is the perfect daily skincare regimen for those looking for deep skin nourishment, rejuvenation, radiance, and healing benefits. Check out Expressions’ Rose Whitening Set!

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Organic oil comprising of rosehip oil and Vitamin A, these ingredients work together to protect and repair the skin, reversing the signs of ageing.

  • Reverses sun damage
  • Reduces wrinkles and hyperpigmentation
  • Treats mild to moderate acne


It also contains antioxidants to lighten stretch marks, acne scars, burn marks and blemishes to help your skin regain its natural color and tone.

Highly moisturizing, the Rose Organic Oil can be used as a daily lightweight moisturizer, pre-pregnancy oil and massage oil.


Apply twice daily to the intended area and massage until fully absorbed. For extreme dry skin, you can apply 1-2 drops on the face daily.


Rose Canina, Neroli, Lavender, Geranium, Patchouli, Vitamin E, Vitamin A.


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